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How to Edit Menu Items in your Website Menu (Old Editor)

To edit an existing menu item in your Website Menu, following the steps below.

To Edit your Website Menu

  1. Click on Manage Pages and click on the Menu sub menu. If your website only has one main menu setup, then you will see the page shown in Step 2. If your website has multiple menus setup, then you will need to click Edit on the menu you want to edit as displayed in the image below:
  2. You will now see the Menu Edit screen below:
  3. To change the structure of your menu you can simply click the menu item, on the far left side, and drag. If you change the vertical position of a menu item then this will change the order it appears in the menu. If you drag menu items to the right, so they are indented, this will make the menu item a sub menu. For example, in the screenshot above the Our History menu item is a sub menu of the About Us menu item.
  4. To edit an existing menu item, click the arrow icon on the far right side of it. The Menu Item Details pop up screen will appear:
  5. On the Menu Item Details popup you have the following options to enter:
    • Label - The name of your menu item
    • Visible On Front - Sets if the menu item will be visible in the menu
    • Visible in Sitemap - Sets if the menu item will be visible in the site map
    • Show only for - Allows you to set if the menu item will only be shown for all visitors or only contacts in a certain subscription group of your Database Marketing contacts
    • Description (if setup on your website) - A short description of the menu item
    • Type - Allows you to set if the menu item is a Heading, a Link, or if it has no link (parent menu with no content page which is acting as a placeholder). Selecting Link here will enable the Link Type, Website Link and Target options below
    • Link Type - Allows you to select if the menu item links to a page on your website, or if it links to a custom or external website link
    • Website Link - Select a content page, gallery or shop category, amoung other things to display when the menu item is clicked
    • Target - Sets if clicking the menu item will display the linked page in the same winow or in a new window
    • Start New Column (if setup on your website) - Allows you to display the menu item as a new column if it is a sub menu item
  6. Click the Save button. You can now drag the menu item into position as per the instructions in Step 3
  7. Ensure you click Save at the bottom of the menu page to save the changes to the menu.



Last Modified: 01 June 2022
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