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How to configure SEO now your website is live

Congratulations, your new websiteis now live. Now we need to make sure that everyone can find you. Below are some of the common activities that should be completed upon setting your website live to maximize the SEO impact of this process:


Setup your sitemap.xml to Google / Setup Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console - Search Console provides you a number of diagnostic tools to allow you to see how your website is progressing. It is especially useful for submitting your website to Google for the first time, as well as submitting a sitemap now that your website is live. You can view the knowledge base link here

Setup Google Analytics - Google Analytics is the industry standard for website reporting and analysis. It is a free tool provided by Google for the purpose of tracking and measuring your website's performance. It is recommended that you set this up now that your site is live. You can view the knowledge base article for assistance here.

Setup Google Maps API - Google Maps now requires an API key for security and compatibility. You can view the knowledge base walkthrough here.

Setup Google My Business - Google My Business is a fantastic way to get yourself noticed. Creating an account will allow your business to appear in its own special and prominent section of Google. The process is nice and simple and you can follow the official Google guide here.

Directory Submissions - Submitting your website to a directory style site is a great way of increasing visibility to search engines. Most directories are free, in that you can list your business, website address and small description which allows visibility for your new site. Others may charge a small fee, we've made note of this where possible below: (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) ($2.95 per year) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing) (Free Listing)

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Last Modified: 29 November 2022
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