How To Add A Domain Alias

Part 1: Navigate To  Domain Aliases


1. Login to TheWebConsole

2. From the top right of the menu bar click Settings

3. From the new side menu options click the Website Settings dropdown and select Domain Aliases


Part 2: Add a Domain Alias


1. Once the Domain Aliases options load, you will be given the options to either delete an existing alias or add a new one. To add a new domain alias click the blue Add New Alias button.

2. Once you have clicked the Add New Alias button you will be prompted to add in the alias domain, note that you are not required to enter the “https:www.”

3. Once you have added the domain click the blue Create Domain Alias button

Note: If we host your domain and DNS you will not need to progress any further.



Part 3: Point the domain to our server


1. Log into your DNS provider, in most cases this is your domain provider. 

2. To point your domain name to our servers, you will need to add the following DNS records(please note that both of these records are required for the website to function live):


Point the Naked Domain (ie to the following:

  • Record Type:    A-Record

  • Host Name:      @ (or leave blank)

  • Content: 

  • TTL:                  3600

Point the WWW Domain (ie to the following:

  • Record Type:    Cname

  • Host Name:       www

  • Content:  

  • TTL:                   3600

Note: Your domain/DNS provider will have support staff available to make these changes on your behalf.

Last Modified: 23 September 2022
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