Email Authentication

What is Email Authentication?

Email Authentication is a method used by email servers to determine if an email is not SPAM by checking if the server sending an email has permission to send mail on behalf of that domain name. Ie: It is the domain owners permission for our server to send mail on your behalf. 

The benefits of setting up this record will mean that you may achieve higher open rates for your emails, as less emails will end up in your contact's SPAM folder.

There are two types of email Authentication, SPF Records, and Sender ID. We already have spf records setup on our servers. To take advantage of Sender ID you need to make a change to your DNS (domain name) settings to authorise our servers to send mail for you.

Setting up Sender ID

  1. Click on "Email Campaigns" and then on "Authorised Domains" within the database marketing section of
  2. Click on "Add an Authorised Domain".
  3. In the "Authorised Sending Domain" form, fill in the domain name you own, and hit submit. (Note you can do this for each domain you wish to be able to send from).
  4. You will be presented with a "Sender ID", in the form of a "TXT Name", and "TXT Text". Copy this information into and email and request that the company that is managing your domain name "add the following TXT record to my DNS settings".
  5. Once you have had confirmation that the changes have been made for you, you will need to verify them by clicking on the "verify" button. You can locate this button by clicking on the "Sender ID Not Verified" link in the "Authorised Domains" section of
  6. Once you have authorised your domain, you should notice that when you create an email campaign, you now have the option of selecting the domain from a drop down when you create the from address for your email campaign.
Last Modified: 11 May 2022
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