Adding a Location Map to Your Contact Us page

Part 1: Navigate To The Locations


1. Login to TheWebConsole

2. From the top right of the menu bar click Settings

3. From the new side menu options click the Account Settings dropdown and select Locations


Part 2: Add/Edit a Location


1. Once the Locations options load, you will be given the option to either Edit an existing location or Add a New Location. To add a new location click the blue Add Location button.

2. Once you have clicked the Add Location button you will be prompted with the below fields:

  • Location Name - This is a required field. It could list your business name or branch.

  • Contact Email Address - This is a required field. This should contain the email address that you wish to receive contact form submissions.

  • Phone - This is a required field. It should contain the primary locations contact phone number

  • Fax - this is an optional field. It can contain the locations fax number if required

  • Business Number - This is an optional field. It can contain the business ABN or other trading numbers

  • Location address - this is an optional field. It should contain the address of the location. Note that the map located on your contact us page is generated based on this address. You will also have the option to add a postal address if differs from the physical location.


    You will then click the "Find Place ID" link, where you will then either enter in your address or your business name if you have a Google My Business set up, and copy the provided place ID.

    You will then paste this place ID into the box in the previous window and this should allow your location to be shown on your Contact Us page.

  • Opening Hours - This is an optional field. It can contain the opening hours of the location.

  • Default Address - This is a required field. If you have multiple locations you would set the primary (head office) as Yes.

Note: You can add multiple locations to your Contact Us page and doing so will hide the contact form for each in the form of an "Email Us" button which will then drop down the relevant contact form for the location you wish to contact.

3. Once you have added all of the required location information click the blue Save button located at the bottom of the page. This will automatically feed the new location into your contact us page.

Last Modified: 26 September 2022