Yajirobee (5.5.2)

17 January 2019

New Feature

  • Shop: Reorder previous order feature has been added
  • Shop: The ability to create and view customized quotes/orders via the back end using an add-on tool with shop
  • Shop: A new shop email has been added allowing for triggering when an order is ready to ship
  • Shop: Shop product and Gift Vouchers can now have Item Slugs which is a unique identifier in the items URL
  • Shop: Quote cart email now shows order fields
  • Shop: DHL has been added as a new shipping API
  • Website Editor: The ability to drag and drop the Contact Form into pages
  • Website Editor: A new tool has been included to the website editor allowing for edits of images on the fly

Bug Fixes

  • Website Editor: Offline websites were still showing live via staging links, this has been corrected
  • Website Editor: Theme updates on one page will now correctly change all pages themes
  • Shop: Fixed bug where the delivery dockets were also including pricing information
  • Shop: Fixed bug where infinite scroll caused brand URL to brake
  • Donations Tool: Fixed bug where overseas CA currency was displaying AUD
  • Realestetae Tool: Fixed bug where commercial properties were showing residential fields
  • Event Tool: Fixed bug where events would allow registrations outside of event dates
  • Database Marketing: Fixed bug where importing CSV to contacts with date custom fields will now show correct dates


  • Database Marketing: Added the ability to filter contacts via registering status
  • Database Marketing: Added the ability to send direct event registration links allowing users to have their details auto filled in event signup
  • Animated Header: Improved speed for load times on front end
  • Google Maps: updated the contact forms static Google map into a embedded Google map
  • Image and File Manager: Allow for xls and Xlsx files in image and file manager
  • Website Editor: Text areas Headings now support trade mark symbols
  • Shop: Shipping methods now shows error messages in front end in the case of errors generated via providers shipping API's
  • Shop: The ability to add the current available stock of an item in front end
  • Shop: Shipping Calculator has been improved by adding a City field
  • Website Editor: If a page does not have a meta description added into the editor the system will auto input content from that page
  • Website Grader: thewebconsoles Website grader has been improved to include SSL results when grading the desired website
  • Security: Opting to send a copy of invoice to an email in front end will now display captcha
  • Security: Blacklisted rambler.ru