Togepi (5.4.7)

31 May 2017

New Feature

  • User Roles - The ability to add role types to users. Role types can restrictions access to tool and functions dependent on role permissions.
  • Security - Release of a recaptcha to replace captcha in login attempts
  • Form Builder - A new form builder empty selector field has been added
  • Email Campaigns - The ability to resend to unopened contacts via email campaigns

Bug Fixes

  • Shop - Resolved bug that caused the variation delete to keep a duplicate
  • Shop - Address Line 1 has been made required in shop checkout to avoid challenges
  • Membership Manager - Multiselct fields filtering has been restored
  • Membership Manager - Resolved the confirmation page showing hidden fields bug
  • Site Search - Resolved site search results within the new editor
  • Knowlegebase - Knowledgebase custom linking has been resolved


  • Blog - The ability to remove comments from blog posts within the backend
  • Security - Frontend user now have audit logs kept for any tools needing logins
  • Payment Gateways - Eway has been update TLS to 1.2
  • Email Campaigns - Email campaigns has now got a copy folders function for Master and Child accounts
  • Contact Us Form - Contact us form has been updates to include better security
  • Google Tags - Google tag manager code has been updated to reflect current versions
  • Shop - Shop products have now got separate tabs for variation and combinations improving functionality and customization.