Canada (5.0.6)

19 September 2014


Preview websites not able to show the catalogue in the menu.
keywords with funny characters breaking mobile site
Event Invoices - Fix bug with event invoices getting double payments
Events - Fix bug with using same email address updating custom fields
Catalog - Fix bug with view links not working for preview sites
Email Campaigns - Fix bug with Company Name standard field not replacing in email campaigns
SMS Campaigns - Implement company name replacing for SMS campaigns
Knowledgebase Bread Crumb
Events - Fix bug with event guests being added to database before event is paid
Catalog - Fix bug with the Yui-content div placeholder not being cleaned up
New Shop - Fix bug with product imports unsetting categories if the product already exists
Social Media Youtube stipping out special characters
Shop Shipping Price Based on Cost of Order bug
Custom Work - Addition of My Online Orders link for Snap Franchisee Profile Pages
Shop - Client popup box change
Shop category change
Shop category sort order
Seller Quoting bug
Shop - Add to category functionality
Set pages to filter data based on assigned Seller Group(s)
Shop - Fix bug with shipping calculator on cart view page not returning results
Document Revision - Fix bug with document revision not working
Old Promo Boxes - Fix bug with FCKEditor not being able to insert or edit images
Issue with guests that checkout not receiving Shop Emails
Websites - Setting websites live throws an error
Old Shop - Add option to stop tax for international shipments
Double Contact in DBM List
New Shop Import - allow categories to be imported
Contacts - Fix bug with editing a contact
Set default value of Country and Region on Add Client Screen
Shop - Fix bug with shop not correctly notifying clients that the products have no shipping dimensions
Contact Us Forms - Fix bug with contact form not showing when no location set

Implementation of "Canadian Admin"
Franchisee Invoicing / XERO Integration


Implement Seller Tax Zones for Canada
Update events registration to require login if email/firstname are different
Website caching: security settings
Create message on Beanstalkd queue for qmail
Create script to get messages of Mailserver tube
Shop Delivery Dockets
Shop Export for new shop same as old shop
AWS Migration - Changes to when setting site as migrated
Selecting DBM groups for shop contacts
Addition of HTML Area "Membership Fields"
Allow Shop Featured Products to be filtered on Category
Update Keywords for Shop Search to search on Heading, itemCode, shortDescription and description
Shop Search - use a categories assigned template, for search / continuous scroll
Creation of New Shop Search
Shop product Add-ons sort order
Zend billing related pages
Contact Us Form - Add classes to all the headings in the form
Email Campaigns - Add the ability to replace custom fields inside URLs
Events - add company name to event guests if company name is standard field