Creating a Custom Field

A Custom Field is a piece of information you will store about a contact. It may be their company type, hair colour, or notes about this contact. We recommend you set up all your required Custom Fields before importing your contacts.

To create a Custom Field:

  1. Login to Database Marketing
  2. Click on Settings > Contact Database > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field
  3. Give the Custom Field a Name
  4. Select “Type”
    • Small Text: used for fields like “Company Name.”
    • Large Text: used for storing notes or long descriptions.
    • Single Select: produces a drop-down menu. Good for “Country”, “State”, or “Gender.” Add options to the drop down menu by typing them into the field, and clicking Add Another. Add as many as you need.
    • Multi-Select: when more than one value can be recorded against a contact, like “Interests” or “Product Types.” Add options to the drop-down menu by typing them into the field, and clicking Add Another. Add as many as you need.
    • Dates: used for dates like “Anniversaries” or “Birthdays.”
    • File: used for files, like images or spreadsheets. Tick the boxes of the file types you will allow.
  5. Change “Is Visible to Contact”
    Yes: the contact can see this field and edit it.
    No: the contact cannot see the field or edit it.
  6. Change “Is Required”
    No: the field does not have to be filled in.
    Yes: the field must be filled in.
  7. Click Save
  8. Drag the new field in the position you want it. Usually you put the most important information at the top of the form.
  9. Click Save Sort Order

You can add as many Custom Fields as you like by following the steps above.


Last Modified: 12 July 2022
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